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Our featured product, the Nanotechnology 300 000 original (OEM) colors one step no-drip urethane touch up paint pen. The most accurate tip 0.9 mm (1/25 in) on the market and the easiest to use.

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for a perfect and sustainable touch up

Ideal for scratches and chips

The Genicolor Urethane touch-up paint pen is a true revolution due to its patented nanotechnology process called “ChromaFix 437” that makes brilliant finish in one application so easy and precise that any other product can’t equal. The clear coat rises to the surface to form a glossy, impermeable ultra-resistant finish. This process sticks paint and clear coat, resulting an unmatched touch up, regardless whether used vertically or horizontally.

Demo avant      Demo apres

Look at the paint that doesn’t drip on a vertical surface.

Genicolor Urethane Paint Product Range

Touch-up Pen
Daily use
Spray Paint - Base Coat
First Application
Spray Paint - Semi Catalized Gloss
Best Quality
Spray Paint - Direct Gloss 2K
For a perfect Finish
Paint pot with brush
For big chips or scratches
Paint pot with brush and pen
Cheaper buyed together

How to use the touch up pen

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